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Why mamma's should be photographed

Small moments like this are exactly why I do this.

I was talking to Amber the other day and she said the most powerful thing to me. She said that these images of her, Covi, and the twins, were some of her favorite pictures ever. That being in the pictures - no matter where you are in your journey - is not only for her but for her kids. Why? So they can have pictures with of and with their mom to cherish later on in life when those serious things happen, when sickness happens, or when we are no longer on this earth. Right now, your kids don't see any of the stuff that you see, they see their loving mommy who plays with them, makes them laugh, feeds them their favorite foods, and who snuggles them when they are sick.


THAT has always been my why behind capturing any family sessions and will continue to be until the end of time.

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