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Let's Work Together!

Ever curious about what the process for hiring a photographer is, and the experience? Let me fill you in!

From the first time you hit the submit (or send) button on your session inquiry, I take it very seriously.

Hiring a photographer means getting to know someone and building that relationship on a very personal and sometimes intimate level. It’s kind of like adding a new member to your family because you are trusting them to capture your family’s special moments.

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Meet and Greet

Before you even step in front of my camera, we will set up a coffee date (or a virtual date if you live a bit further away). Here we will take the time to sit down and get to know each other, what you are interested in for your session, and any other ideas you have for me!


This also gives you the time to get to know me as a person, my style, my personality, and how I work. This helps us build that strong client/photographer relationship to know that you are confident in me being the person to document your story.


Let's Shoot

Have no fear, this is the fun part! This is where you get dressed up fancy and meet me at the location! We chat a little bit, we take a couple test pictures and let you and your kids get used to the camera, we adventure, we laugh, and we take your portraits.

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what to expect

After the Sesh

My job isn’t done when your session is finished, that’s when the post production happens! I go in, download, and back up all of the images from your session — and find just a couple of those perfect moments for your sneak peek! This is a 2–3 image preview of your session that you get to share immediately with your friends and family. After that, I go in and cull out the blurry, eyes closed, mouth half open images (because let’s be real, you don’t want those ones), and narrow down the final images for your gallery. Then, I edit every single image individually to ensure they are “the ones”! After that, they get uploaded to your online gallery and reviewed one more time before final delivery. You can expect your gallery 3 weeks from your session date.


After that, I’m your go-to-gal! I am here to answer any questions, get print orders submitted and shipped right to your door, and anything else you may need from me!


Hiring a Photographer is Easy!

Submit an inquiry form using the button below. Then we will schedule your discovery call. After that, just accept your proposal and pay your retainer. That’s it! Pinky promise!

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