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meet the photographer

Cassie Grant

Hi! I'm Cassie, your friendly neighborhood photographer!


As the CEO and Photographer at Moments Granted Studios, I have a passion for capturing the adventures in your life — from time with friends and family, to love stories and weddings.


Photography allows me a way to preserve those special moments and memories for your family before life has passed you by. Everything changes in an instant! Don't forget to remember your toddler's crinkled nose as he giggles, or the way your partner looks at you when asked to remember the day you fell in love. Those are the moments that should be preserved forever.​


how it all began

The Beginning

For over 12 years capturing families and intimate weddings have been my jam and something that still brings me so much joy and happiness to this day. It all started when I picked up my moms film camera back in high school and wanted to learn how to use it. I enrolled in classes to help me learn to work a camera, develop film, develop prints in the darkroom, and so much more. I fell in love with the craft of it and never looked back. I still remember my first ever paid session (and still one of my top favorites ever). It was for my grandparents! My grandma paid me $40 to take pictures of her and my grandpa in my moms driveway. I remember my grandpa was fooling around and kept giving her bunny ears and laughing so hard that he drooled — while my grandma was so dang serious about “We paid her to take these, quit it!” Its the moments like those that I will always remember each time I look at those photos.


As the years passed, I realized I was capturing some pretty amazing moments for my friends and family — and bringing that into my own life was important. So I started intentionally documenting my own love story with my husband, from when we started dating and got our first dogs to getting engaged and getting married, to now growing our family and having kids. I found it so important to “practice what I preach to my clients" — because how can I convince them photography is important if I am not having my own life experiences documented? Having those photos of our love story to look back on now is so special and something I absolutely cherish as our life grows and changes every year. 

did you know

Fun Facts About Cassie

I love all things Disney and Pixar! So much in fact, that I have a
Little Mermaid half sleeve! 

Attending concerts is one of my favorite activities! My top 2 favorite concerts I've attended (so far) are:
Matt & Kim and
Coheed and Cambria! 

I like to end my day with “somethin sweet!” Ice cream with lots of chocolatey mix-ins is my top favorite.

I love doing crafty things! Handlettering and painting are activities that always bring me joy.

I used to be part of the 4H club when i was younger, and loved showing goats! One competition I even made the front page of the Virginia newspaper! 

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