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I am the CEO and Photographer here at Moments Granted Studios. I specialize in wedding and family photography and with 11 years of experience, I have a passion for capturing every adventure in your love story.

Capturing every journey was something I found to be important as my husband and I started dating, when we got married, got our first dogs, and especially after we had our first kiddo. 8 years later I am so glad I pushed to have those moments captured, because everything changes in an instant! Having those moments to look back on is so comforting and always brings me happiness. Which is why I bring that into this business. Photography allows me a way to preserve those special moments and memories for you and your family as life goes by. It's the crinkled nose and giggle of your toddler laughing at something you did. Its the look that your partner gives you when asking them when they knew they wanted to marry you. Its the way your grandpa drools from laughing so hard because he's been giving Grandma bunny years without her knowledge. Those are the moments that should be preserved forever.

Hi! I'm Cassie! 

For real though... I can't wait to meet you! 
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