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The Future Lord and Lady of House Woodcock

Savannah and Mike are probably the cutest couple on the planet, although I may be biased because literally all of my couples are...

I got to photograph Savannah and Mike for the first time back in December when I hosted "Free Portrait Day," and not even a month after that they got engaged IN DISNEY WORLD! To say they stole my heart is an understatement. So when they reached out saying they wanted me to do their engagement session, I was over the moon.

We most of my sessions go, we went on an adventure! We started at their home and did some shots in their front and back yards, adventured to downtown Fayetteville, NC where we found a colorful alley and a lock wall (like the bridge in Paris). Then to end it off, we went to the top of a local parking deck and got some pretty romantic sunset photos. Oh, and before I left, they popped and shared some champagne.

To say their session was fun would be a total understatement. I mean, how perfect are they?!

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