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Story of a Mamma

Back in December I bought my first ever photoshoot for my business and me. I was so excited and a little scared. Let me tell you why.

Most of you know I had a baby a little over a year ago, the one thing I don't share super often is that I haven't lost any of the baby weight. I've actually gained more... and I am at my heaviest that I've ever been in my life. BUT what y'all also don't know is that this heavy is the most comfortable and happy I have ever been in my body. Yes, I have stretch marks that grace my belly and my legs. Yes I have a belly. Yes I have thick legs and cellulite. No, most of my clothes don't fit so I've had to gradually buy new ones over the past year. But you know what? It's okay because this body has done so dang much over the last year. It has grown and expelled a living human from it. It nourished that little human for almost a year. It provides love, comfort, and support to that little human when he needs it. It also is my vessel. My vessel of life, it holds my heart that beats each day and gives me life. It is my vessel of love for my husband and our kid (and our dogs). It is my vessel of creativity and adventure. It is my vessel of kindness, friendship, and all other things.

So why would I want to hide that vessel from the world? Why should I hide behind the camera until I am ready (or the world is ready) to see the greatness that this body has done? Guess what? I don't!

One thing I have always talked about with each of my clients (and potential clients) is about cherishing the memories and happenings of right now. Why? Because when we look back, those memories and happenings are so dang important. If I wait until "I hit my ideal weight" or am finally "skinny", I wouldn't be in any pictures. I don't want to wait to be in photos, and then end up not having any photos with my kid as he grows up. I don't want to wait to be in photos because these memories right now are so dang precious. I want to remember the way my kid looks at me when I walk in the room after he wakes up in the morning, and that big hug he gives me. I want to remember watching him grow into a little human as he learns to walk, and now learns how to talk. I want to remember hose belly laughs he makes when he thinks something is so darn funny. I want to remember reading him books and snuggling as he falls asleep. I also want him and my husband to be able to look back at those memories with me in them.

I tell you this because I don't want you to miss out on being in photos because you "aren't at your ideal weight" or you "feel fat" or "you aren't in a good place". Your kids wont look back and think any of those things. They will think and remember those hugs that mamma gave them when they were sick. They will remember mamma chasing them around the house and playing with them. They will remember those snuggles and kisses before they go to bed each night. They will remember how their mamma supported them through something big in life.

So, if you needed a little nudge to be in front of the camera more, here it is. Don't let those memories slip away because those are the good ones <3

Mamma Sessions are April 24, 2021 in downtown Fuquay-Varina, NC and I would love it if you would grace me with your presence and let me capture those moments for you. We can also make it happen any other day of the year. I love you mamma's and I cannot wait to capture those memories for you.

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