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New Beginnings

I feel like this is a hot topic at the beginning of every new year, but I am feeling it so much more this year than in previous years. So, I want to pose a question to you: What has been the best new start you’ve had?

Every moment is a chance for a new beginning and I can truly say, the best new start I ever made was when I re-launched this side business called Moments Granted Studios (or MGS).

Yeah, I did take sessions here and there through the years, but I never put 100% into the back side of the business. These things included: Social media presence, updating my website regularly, networking weekly/monthly, shooting for my portfolio, and never following up with my clients (so important right?).

Launching MGS took me to a whole new level personally and professionally that I never knew existed. I made the decision to go all-in. I set a launch date, created all new branding materials, updated my website, and started putting my name out there and letting people know what I did.

It pushed me past my my comfort zone. Starting new things is exciting and can sometimes be overwhelming. I now had to schedule my days and time better so that I had time devoted to MGS. I had to put myself out there and network with individuals I did not know. But, one of the biggest things I had to learn was that "everything comes with time... not within the next 5 minutes" like I wanted it to. I learned to celebrate all of my achievements, especially the small ones because they were taking me one step forward.

One of the best I did during this time was enroll in Social Curator, and holy moly y'all, it helped in so many ways. Social Curator is a monthly subscription that sends you stock images and captions to help tell your story, you get a masterclass each month that walks through each issue, how to use it, as well as tips and tricks on different programs. But the one thing it did was help me show up consistently.

I no longer had an excuse to neglect my biz or my social media.

Now not only was I making sure I showed up every day, but I now had the ability to schedule out posts for the week/month to help me show up consistently every single day. Wild right?! I never even thought something like that was possible. I mean check it out, I have just 2 weeks planned out here! This doesn't even include the "unscheduled" content!

With finally showing up consistently, it gave me more time to do what I love:

Connect with my clients.

THAT is one of the most important things in any business. By making sure I connect with each of them has helped me form some of the best friendships of my life thus far. Not only do I now have a friend group, but I have my tribe. A tribe who supports me, who picks me up when I am down, and who help push me towards my dreams and beyond.

You're tribe are the people who will always be there for you. No matter what.

For those of you who have stuck it out until now, YOU ROCK and I would love to hear your story! Can you share a new start you have had? What is the one thing you have learned from it?

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