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Miss TeaSmith Product Shoot

You know when you just meet those special people and you know you will work great together? This is how I felt going in to the shoot for Miss TeaSmith. Uma is a London native and is a tea artisan! She is launching a new business and was in need of some product shots of her tea, so I offered to step in and take some for her.

With Uma based in London, I knew she was not going to be able to physically be here. So, I made sure that every shot I planned and took would be able to be utilized in different ways, such as: Being cropped square/portrait/horizontal for each different social media platform; Making sure I left some space to add text in later; Showed each product in a lifestyle setting where the viewer could imagine themselves drinking tea in each situation; and lastly showing what each raw product looked like (because each tea was so beautiful!).

My lovely friend Lyssa and I made a day of this shoot. We bought pastries that paired well with tea. We brewed each individual tea so we could try them and identify each of the different flavors. If you haven't tried the tea by Miss TeaSmith, you absolutely should! Her shop is opening in April and I cannot wait to order the tea's we tried! They were all so flavorful, and has helped me get back in the routine of ending my day with a nice cup of tea. Head on over to: to check out all of the amazing teas she will have for sale! I promise you wont regret it!

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