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Living My Imperfect Life

“...I don’t see the sense in comparing ourselves to other people all the time. It’s not about being better than anyone else or having nicer things... I personally like being unique. I like being my own person my own style and my own opinions and my own toothbrush. I think it’s so much better to stand out in some way and to set yourself apart from the masses. It would be so boring to look out into the world and see hundreds of people who look and think exactly like me...” -Ellen DeGeneres

Y’all this really hit home today and it’s something I’ve been crafting a post for for quite a long time. Why do we all feel the need to portray perfect all the time? Social media is just a glimpse of a couple moments in our lives and not the whole story. It breaks my heart when I hear people say “thank god for this filter because...” why can’t we just embrace the REAL of life? We all know we don’t wear makeup or do our hair every day. We all know that showers are a luxury. We all know that sleep is a hot comidity whether you are a mamma or single or work a full time job. Life is a balancing act and we are all in there balancing more than one thing at a time.

So why do we spend so much time scrolling social and comparing our lives, bodies, kids, style, etc to what others are showing on social media? This is something I’ve been working on personally over the past several months. I used to get so upset when I posted something and it didn’t get any or got very few likes. I felt like posting and getting those things validated my feelings of feeling/ being pretty, perfect, smart, etc to complete strangers. and y’all... who gives a damn what strangers think? This life I’m living, it’s MINE not theirs. I’m doing things that I am passionate about. I am on my own journey of self love after having a baby and learning to live my new plus size body. I am on the journey of figuring out motherhood, while working full time and running this side business and getting very little sleep.

So my goal is to show my entire imperfect journey. I am stretch mark wearing, plus sized mamma (who doesn’t have time to shower every day) who loves photographing people. I run on coffee, beer, really good music, and baby snuggles.

What does your imperfect journey look like? This right here is mine and I wouldn’t trade It for the world. (phone pictures for the win!)

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