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Let’s “Get Personal” in 2020

Most years since starting in this business I set a goal or phrase for the year. This word or phrase usually aligns with things and goals I want to accomplish within that year.

Since I am starting out my year late due to being on maternity leave, I feel like I’ve struggled finding my word or phrase. However after much though and soul searching my phrase for the year is “Get Personal.”

Now what does that actually mean?

I feel that getting personal is so important in business life. Most times we only show the highlights and not the full story of the chaos that surrounded that one perfect moment. Getting more personal will allow me to share the REAL of life and help my clients and peers relate with me and create that vulnerability factor that is so important in relationships. It lets people know that we face some of the same struggles on a daily basis: body positivity, anxiety, a messy house, struggling to balance social and professional life on top of being a mom. I could make this list miles long. Sometimes its all sunshine and rainbows, but let’s face it... we all ride the Hot Mess Express quite a bit too.

So here‘s a cheers to 2020, the year of Getting Personal! I can’t wait to share my journey with you all this year!

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