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Creating a devoted work space for my business.

I never realized the importance of a home office until last year. I used to just find the comfiest place in our home (usually the couch) and hole up there for hours on end watching tv and maybe doing a little work.

Then, my laptop died and we were faced with a major decision: laptop vs. desktop. We ultimately went with a desktop, and it was the best decision we could have made. I had to sacrifice portability (trust me, this was hard), but I would now have to create a set space where I would do all of my computer work at home.

We moved our home office from a room upstairs to what we call "The Dog's Room" because it was still in the common area of our home, but it was isolated so we could focus when working.

Until this moment, I never realized how portability effected my productivity! I found that when I had been working on the couch, I would watch more TV instead of doing work, or I would half-ass what I was doing because I wanted to get it finished (so i could watch TV).

Creating a devoted work space made me realize that I get so much more done now, and in less time than I used to. AND I am more focused. It allows me a space to focus, but I am still in an area where I can have conversations. I have a devoted space to work on my business now. I meet my deadlines much quicker now. I make time to schedule out monthly social media posts. I make more time for my photography business now than I ever did before.

Do you have a home office? When did you realize a home office or devoted work space was important for you and the growth of your business?

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