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Clients sharing the love!


Y’all- do yourself a favor and book a session with Cassie. Are you nervous about how you’ll look or feel in front of a camera? Don’t be. She’s going to take time to get to know you and ease you into it. My boyfriend and I did pictures a few months ago and though I had been in a wedding Cassie did videography for, I was still hesitant about how it would be one on one. She directed us and told us what to do, and at the time it seemed weird, but the pictures turned out AMAZING. I’m so happy with how comfortable I felt and how natural the photos of us looked. I’d highly recommend her for anyone looking for couples photos, family shots, or just fun shots for yourself being amazing. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up. 10 out of 10. Just do yourself a favor and call her!

- Sydney and Travis


The last time I had photos taken of my daughter and I she was 3 years old; she is now almost 11. I have "stalked" Cassie's photos for years, even after we were no longer in school together; I have been obsessed with her images. I've always seen her capture everyone else's moments and I decided it was time for her to capture mine and I have to tell you; I COULD NOT be any more pleased with how everything went. She made the entire process fun and my images are so amazing and something I will cherish for years to come. Thank you so much Cassie for capturing Abigail and I perfectly!

- Amanda


- Lyssa, Jewelry Designer for Melissa Dawn Jewelry

Cassie is fantastic! She's so vivacious, and working with her is a treat. If you're nervous in front of a camera, Cassie knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable. And her flat lays? YES PLEASE!!


Cassie is COMPLETELY in her element when photographing. Her bubbly personality not only encourages you to smile or whatever else she’s telling you to do, but also instills you with confidence that shines through in the photos!

I loved having my photos taken by her, and felt super comfortable. I will definitely use her in the future for our photography needs!

- Journey

Cassie took some very special family portraits for us that we will treasure forever! She was very patient and accommodating of the different needs of each person in our group and definitely captured special moments for us. I can't wait to have her take our next family portraits. 

-Adrienne and James


As a couple who never had professional photos done, this was wonderful. Cassie made every step of the process a delightful experience. She was able to help us with posing and a great eye for different spots for us to take photos in front of. I thoroughly love the finished product and had great time!

- Natalie and James


- Stephanie

Cassie made having my picture taken so much fun. I typically would rather be behind the camera. But I needed headshots and Cassie took those masterfully, as well as several more editorial shots that captured my personality with an accuracy I haven’t experienced. Thank you so much! You have a phenomenal gift.

I can't wait to hear how much you love your session too!

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