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Services & Investment

We both know this is what you are really looking for when you hit this site. So, can we have real talk for a minute before you continue scrolling? 

I know hiring a photographer is an investment.  You aren't just purchasing an photo session, you are purchasing an experience! When you book me, I want you to be passionate and excited about your experience and the imagery we will create together. I want you to be excited about all of the fun and memories we will makes, and all of the adventures we will go on. When we are done, I want you to feel like we are family. I want to work with you for all the years to come and watch your family grow up!


This is why I strive to give you the best customer service and experience from booking me to getting your gallery delivery email to prints.

I want you to enjoy yourself and "live your best life."

I want you to create new memories. 
Oh, and by the way... I really cannot wait to meet you!